Value Creation Models

Passengers Maritime Transport

Our tourism companies operate in Madeira and Porto Santo islands. Our cruise terminal operates in Lisbon.

With a RoPax ferry, 2 marine passenger terminals, 2 hotels, 4 restaurants in Porto Santo island, a travel agency, and a cruise terminal in Lisbon (in partnership), we aim to provide our clients with the best services and experiences in our facilities.

RoPax Ferry

Maritime transport public service for passengers and cargo, between the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo.


Hotels in Porto Santo island, with a total capacity of 350 beds.

Travel Agency

Travel agency dedicated to services in Porto Santo Island

Cruise Terminal

Operating under a Public Service tender (in partnership with other operators) for cruise ships visiting Lisbon’s port, services include support for boarding, landing and also to passengers in transit, including other auxiliary activities to support cruise ships.



Grupo Sousa through its shipping company – Porto Santo Line – and its travel agency – Porto Santo Line Travel – carried 341,497 passengers between Madeira and Porto Santo island.


Passengers carried in 2022